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Atomic Bombers

Here will be "Atomic Bombers" : A future remake of the Amiga500 version of Atomic Bombers (1996) from Mary Poppins & The Calgary's Legions (See the olds one !) ... in your browser ! Stay tuned !

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*** gamepad support ***

Note about the local/officials/users maps

This game came with a set of official maps, which are installed in your browser : it's your local maps ! You can edit/delete/change order of your local maps, it won't affect everybody : just you ;-). Anytime, you can "Reset your local maps", to get the officials ones ... but you will loose all your local changes.

By the way, every good users's maps will be available for everybody (in the "Pick a map" window), and you can add them in your set. But the bests(*) will be included in the official set, for sure !

* : those which are the most played

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